Balanced Nutrition

Healthy eating doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Which isn’t surprising when we consider that humans evolved in a world where food wasn’t always readily available. So when it was, you ate! Fast forward a few thousand years or so to the western world where food is everywhere. Couple this, with our instinct to eat and it’s no wonder a lot of us struggle with finding the right balance. So how do we find that balance?

Nutrition, health, clean eating – information is everywhere and ever changing. “stay away from fat” “stay away from carbs” “stay away from animal products” – we are constantly being told what to avoid and being left overwhelmed, confused and hungry!

What you want to hear is that “X” is the only way, it will solve all your problems, give you the results you need and change your life. Unfortunately, before we go any further, I need to make it very clear - “X” does not exist, and I am not going to give you a simple solution – deep down you know this, you’ve tried “X”, you’ve tried multiple versions of “X”, because each new “X” is going to be the one. But there is no “one”, there is no “X”, there is no easy way and one size does not fit all.

What does work is hard work, consistency and balance.

Balance; this brings me to the next point I need to make clear. Balance is not one sweet spot, a point you find once and keep. It’s an idea that you must work at every day, every meal, every moment. You will muck it up, you will lose balance, but you will also learn and regain it.

Now we have cleared that up let’s start you off with two basic steps that could make a world of difference.

Step One: Stop cutting, start adding.

Stop cutting corners and stop cutting food groups.

In today’s society we have more of an issue of under eating than we do of overeating. Under-eating the good stuff that is.

If I say to you right now “you cannot have another beer ever again” what will you do?

Probably tell me to “get lost”, even if you do agree, I give it 4 hours before you have a beer in your hand – why? Because I just planted the seed in your mind and made you crave it more. What if I said “I want you to drink as much Beer as your heart desires, but for every beer you must have a glass of water”. Ok, it’s a little bit of a hassle, but we both win right – this makes it achievable. Before you know it your Beer intake has dropped to half, your gut measure has dropped 10cm, your spouse is 1000x happier and your life has changed.

What, just like that? – for the majority of us; yes – just like that!

Step Two: Stop dieting and start fuelling.

Just like our cars our body has an engine and needs to be fuelled.

I know diesel is cheap but if your car runs off 95 octane - are you going to fill it with diesel and expect it to run at a good state? I didn’t think so. Your body is fuelled by 3 major fuel sources; Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. These are known as Macronutrients and provide you with the energy you need to live your day to day life. Energy is measured in Calories. So the more calories you have; literally means the more energy you have.

When my clients tell me their goals I always dig deeper and find out the source, the true motivator – it always stems from wanting to feel good. To feel good your body must run on good fuel. You cannot run off diesel or empty when your tank needs 95 octane.

Fuel your body to perform at its best state and you will get results, you will change your life.

We established at the start that this wasn’t going to give you a quick fix, a magic pill or even a straight answer but take the time to consider these two steps and practise introducing them into your life. You will be amazed at the difference two simple ideas could bring to your life.

Stacey Kyle - Head Coach

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